Reformer Pilates

Our Reformer Pilates classes feature contemporary Pilates repertoire, complete with seamless transitions, progressions and modifications to leave everybody feeling good. With an emphasis on biomechanics, functional movement, form, and flow, you can expect to enjoy the benefits of improved awareness, joint stability, posture, and balance.



This is the ideal level if you are meeting a reformer for the first time, new to Pilates, or hoping to build a strong Pilates foundation. Gain experience operating this apparatus at a beginner’s pace, learn fundamental breath and movement principles, and strengthen your technical understanding with this inclusive and informative class.

All Levels

This versatile level is our most popular and recommended class option if you have previous experience using a reformer. Develop your technique, practice modifications, learn progressions, and build resistance with this mixed-level class.


This challenging level is a suitable choice if you are someone who is very experienced with Pilates and utilizing a reformer. Master advanced repertoire and choreography, build endurance, and progress spring intensity with this dynamic class.