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Patricia Rivas

Patricia Rivas is one of the top estheticians in the state. A beauty professional who has racked up many years of experience as a skincare expert in the traditional retail market as well as running two spas in New Jersey. Patricia is also the owner and founder of Alora Laser Spa in NY. She’s been a licensed esthetician for over 20 years and a licensed National Healthcare Associate with certificates for all body treatments since 2006. Patricia’s job is to help people feel better about themselves by improving their appearance. She specializes in body sculpting and facial treatments that clear all skin from any skin disorder. Patricia has designed Ayurveda by Alora, a skincare line using natural ingredients made by dermatologists. She continues her education in science to bring the best of health and wellness in these times.

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Dr. Jonathan Martinez

Medical Director
Dr. Jonathan Martinez is working alongside Patricia Rivas, the founder of Alora Med Spa & Alora Drip Spa.

Dr. Jonathan Martinez is a healthcare operation executive, value-based healthcare leader, clinician, and academic for the last thirty years. He is recognized as an expert in global health preparedness. He is a collaborative physician leader with a record of administrative and academic success involving healthcare metrics, revenue cycle enhancement, patient safety, academic productivity, public transition of companies, mergers/acquisitions, concierge care, and team building.

Our Vision

Every Drip Infusion is done in consideration for all our clients. Each are handled by professionals and experts who have the knowledge and certification. All our infusions offered are to enhance and stabilize the mind and body, creating a healthier body and sound mind.

Alora Wellness Drip Spa

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